Ningbo Ruijin International Logistics Co., Ltd is a first-level shipping agent specializing in import & export merchandise shipment service including sea freight and air freight.
  • International shipping

    Ruijin Logistics is engaged in international shipping, domestic trade and maritime business, with nearly 10 years of industry experience, can provide necessary advice and help for export enterprises
  • Air Freight

    Air freight service
    Relying on the advantages of network and operation scale, with the aim of safety, accuracy, speed and low cost, RAL has rich and varied product levels and strong ability of resource integration.
  • Container trucking&Warehousing

    Our company can provide bulk cargo pick-up, container factory trailer and warehouse packing service. In case of inconvenient delivery in some factories, we can arrange for picking up goods
  • Rail Transport

    Domestic container railway train is a high-quality railway transport, characterized by "safe, punctual, convenient and fast". At present, Shaoxing, Ningbo, Taizhou and Ningbo have opened container lines to provide quality service to customers.
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